Measuring, Control and Protection Devices

Correctness and accuracy of measurement, control and protective equipment is essential for successful monitoring and process control and safe operation of equipment.

Routine maintenance and periodic testing and calibration of devices reduce the possibility of malfunction and the inaccuracy of measurements:

      – Service and calibration of instrumentation equipment (switches and

        transmitters of pressure, temperature, level and flow) with the

        issuance of a calibration test report

      – Service, testing and calibration of measuring and protective

        instruments and units on the main and auxiliary engines

      – Testing of boilers automation, burners overview testings

      – Testing of separators automation (HFO, DO, LUB OIL)

      – Service and testing of Viscosity Meters

      – Testing of firealarm and gasdetection systems

      – Testing of analytical equipment – pH Meters, O2 meters, exhaust gas

        analyzers, etc.

      – Testing and adjustment of monitoring and control systems (control

        cabinets, indicators, “single-loop” controllers, PLCs)

      – Testing of electromagnetic valves, etc.

      – Servis of emergency accumulator sets, UPS’s, battery rectifier-